My Experiences Towards Becoming a Therapist

What I Share

When it comes down to it, one of the greatest issues that therapists disagree on is personal disclosure with clients. Some therapists believe that any significant amount of disclosure on the therapist's part can be harmful to the therapeutic process,creating an enmeshment of unnecessary emotional impact for both the therapist and client.

Some therapists are more loose in their disclosure, maybe at times sharing very personal life experiences. This can be an essential rapport and trust building moment when the timing is right.

In my own practice, I make strong attempts to balance what I share of personal experience, and what I feel needs to be worked through by the Client on their own. I point this out because the following is an essential part of me as a Clinician. I firmly believe that if a genuine and authentic clinical relationship is to be established between my clients and I, they should know and understand my intentions as a therapist, and the responsibility of confidentiality I hold as sacred.